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Full Time Job

It’s a little late today…but I have a good excuse. XD Sort of. Does buying a new domain name for WAM count? Yeah. That’s right.

…though I should probably tell you that when it actually goes somewhere other than my main domain. Heh. I got distracted and realized I had to finish WAM before I could mess with the DNS settings. So…sometime soon that URL will work. I’ll let you know when it does. ^^

Oh, though you guys probably care more about the strip and the apperance of Boudica. :)

Shame I’m going to bed. *evil laughter* Have fun and enjoy!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“One More Soul to the Call” by¬† Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Silent Hill V)


I know I’m supposed to be commenting on something… *distracted by last four panels* :love:

Oh, right; comment. Great job! Congratulations on the .com. And poor Margaret; keeping up with Boudica must be more than a full time job. XD

Also: epic song. :D


Hooray for the new domain! Lots of congratulations.

Yay, Boudica & Margaret…they have a lot of charm. ^_^ In fact, they seem so amiable with Wiglaf that they could help him get even further into Madame Garrott’s good graces. I like the smiles you gave both of them. :D


Nice strip.^^

Oh, and noticed something really random, and you probably won’t care about it. Once you tag one more strip with ‘wiglaf’, there will be 100 strips with him in it! :D Just thought I’d share that with you.


^_^ Wiglaf gets asked for help. He gets to fulfill his hero quotient today! …or maybe not. Unless he can help Margaret. She looks like she could use it.

(I love the rotating quotes at the bottoms of the pages! When did those get there?)


I was waiting for someone to notice. :D They’ve been there about maybe a week? Two weeks? I forget. Far from complete though. I think I only got through strip 36 and then gave up and called it a day. XD I add one here or there though when I feel up to it.


The one thing I noticed the most about this strip is the fact that Wiglaf seems tall. Usually he seems short because Mordred is a few inches taller then him, but in this one he looks alot taller.
I think it makes him looks hot.


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