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Garrott Blood

Family’s visiting. :3 Color later!

Can you imagine this page if they were wearing their normal outfits? XD You’d never tell them apart…yay twins.

Ho hum. Back with Wigs and Mor. on Sunday! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Because The Night” by Cascada


Will one of mains die or will one get finally horribly crippled and dotted on by an obsessive megalomaniac freak of nature?


You’ve been reading too much George R. R. Martin. Let’s just hope Lily doesn’t take a page from his books.

Arthur! Beware of defenistration! Stay away from windows!


Go Arthur! Defeat the man who killed your precious babies! That were dragons…..a man who also says he loves you endlessly……and is very insane……um, you might want to go get some help, preferably certain magical objects with ghosts attached? Eclair seems like he could be some help……


You could tell them apart – Arthur’s hair is all in disarray!

But ooooh! Don’t *really* want to see Sedrick go die, but high-on-revenge Arthur is *nice*


Is it just me, or does everyone in that family end up with someone who is ‘slightly’ insane? (Even Janus’s husband counts a little, considering that the first thing he wanted to do with his freedom was rescue his wife).

Mordred ended up with Wiglaf, and Author with Sedrick, ect.

:3 its actually kind of fun and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


You forgot Mr. G. The current Mrs. G killed his first wife in front of him. If that doesn’t fairly scream “CRAZY,” I’m not sure what does…


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