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Gasp! Arc One Recap!

“Wiglaf is so deluded XD”  To quote Mike.

I…don’t know what else to say. Text heavy strips tend to carry themselves.

Anyway, just in case any of you don’t know – when I say “Gin and Izuru” (’cause I’m in one of my moods… ha ha ha ha) I’m referring to Ichimaru Gin and Kira Izuru – the Captain & Lieutenant of Squad 3 in Bleach. I love them. So much. *wonders when third box set of bleach will come out so can watch Gin breaking Izuru out of prison.* In the meantime I guess I’ll just watch the Bleach ending that features them. XD Yay!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Anything For You” by Lee Harding


It’s funny how Wiglaf has been preventing Mordred from doing even small bad deeds. ^_^ Stealing candy? Mordred’s aspirations as a villain seem rather minimalist. XD

I love how the two of them give contrasting perspectives on their relationship. The reader can see how far apart they are in their views on friendship. And Mordred looks very humorously bored when Wiglaf is shaking him. XD


And yet, we all know it’s somewhat between the two perspectives. After all, Mordred DOES like having him around, even if he doesn’t want Wiglaf to know about it.

I do love his expression while Wiglaf is shaking him. What I really love is how he’s like “You probably don’t want people to see the issues being shown by your shaking people” (major paraphrase. ^^; )


I love Bleach as well but…..somewhere it lost me.I just kept getting confused by they would say and somehow be taken back.


Use of slightly shifting background pattern to imply chronological shift– interesting! And I like how you always placed the center star behind Wiglaf, almost like a full-body halo.

You’re finally showing the family resemblances! So Mordred both looks like and has the vocabulary skills of his mother, with possibly an inheritance of her slightly-crazed villainy (explaining the decision to go after Camlann). I wonder what he inherited from his father.

That went well, for a first meeting with the family to reintroduce them to their mortal enemy. :D


This is another one of my favorite strips, mostly because of the ending. Wiglaf is almost begging him more then threatening him and Mordred reacts to it in such an AWESOME way.


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