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Gawain Is Not Sure

Hagen and Sedrick might be on the same wavelength. True pros. ;D

This is fifteen minutes late and shamelessly backdated, but I got it done so I’m happy. It has been a long week, let me tell you. All my own fault mind you, but I’m feeling pretty good about the story coming up. Thank you for reading!

Edit: D&D Night ran long & I am going to try and go to bed early. My sleep schedule got off again this week and I am going to get back on track for this “sleep before midnight” thing. o_o Which means no strip today (Sunday) and I’ll see you on Wednesday. But in better news — new computer is getting ordered tomorrow! It’s so soon I can taste it.

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D&D Night – gosh I miss those.
Sleep is for the tired and we can go all niiii ….Zzzzzzz….


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