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Gawain Is The Zombie

This’ll hit Wiglaf as a bigger deal when he’s not laser focused on taking out Lake. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Poor Bliss~


That stone must be part of a set of gems. I’m calling it now. Wiglaf becomes his universes Thanos. Hids desire for friendship from death, I mean Wiglaf, shall blind him and be his downfall!


To bad you didn’t prepare an April Fools strip, could have been timed really well to go with the current happenings of the plot.


That is like the one downfall of drawing strips a week ahead. I never look at the date it’s going up until after I’ve finished drawing and am getting the scheduled post ready. XD


Never commented before(been reading since comic 100 came out) and i just got done re reading the entire series.
Lilly you better not let me down here.
And i hope that gem can transmit the power to multiple people :3
I know it wont cause youre a sadist, but i can hope damnit.
Also, props on the improvement of your artwork over the last few years


Oh, god, that would make WIglaf a MAGNET to all the crazies with artefacts.

“Someone else to share my pain…”
Poor Wiglaf.


I’m just waiting till he realizes he can see Grace as well. And everyone else. And they realize he can see them. It’s like, what the others have, but X many times worse where X is the number of artefacts currently in place.

Also… If the gem IS an artefact, and it was thrown/hidden there… It means it must have been HATED on the same level as Bliss (who was also thrown away/hidden). Perhaps even more so, if Bliss doesn’t recognize what it is (which would mean that it was probably older than her).

I really want it to be an artefact. Perhaps even the oldest one (ledger said he was the second oldest, right?). Maybe a prototype that had… side effects?

Whatever. Speculation will get me nowhere. Looking forward to the next update!


That whole second panel is so much classic WAM, it could stand on its own with no further explanation. Wiglaf is so chill about being able to see Bliss, and Bliss is so chill about his indifference, it’s really cute.


That whole second panel is so classically WAM it could stand on its own with no explanation. I love how chill Wiglaf is about seeing Bliss, and how chill Bliss is about his possible undeadedness. So cute!


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