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Gets What She Wants

Have you ever drawn that perfect sketch and just know it’s right? You ever been absolutely sure that you saved something? You ever come back to find your computer needs a forced restart and you do so without thinking because you were sure you saved? And then re-open Photoshop to find out – no. You didn’t save. You foolish, foolish person.

Long story short, the time I would normally spend coloring was spent redrawing today’s WAM. *sigh* As usual, it’ll be colored and up sometime Wed. night.

But enough of my whining and complaining. :D No one wants to hear it.

Since the Pair-a-Thon is going on and the subject of today’s strip, I figured out a reader’s participation for today!

What’s your favorite pairing(s) in WAM and why? :D

Edit: Color’s up. Now you guys can comment and tell me your favorite pairing and stuff. >.>

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Love me Dead” by Ludo


*comfort* I can’t tell you how many times i’ve had that happen. I’m impressed you still managed to get an update up on time, thank you. :happy:
I really hope the rest of the Garrott clan didn’t happen to see that little display. Not much hope of that, though. Death wish indeed.


Poor Wiglaf is honor bound to protect his sister from the inevitable retaliation or the Garrotts.

at least it should make Mordred happy to watch lackey get beaten up.


*rumble rumble rumble*

I love the sparkly background. *_* Brat is so happy; I think they deserve each other.

…keeping my mouth shut about the last panel. XD


Heh heh. Nice background for panel four. :cool:

Poor Driver, she’s certainly appalled. And speaking of which, my favorite pairing so far is Driver and Mordred because their chemistry is very entertaining. :D


Wiglaf and Mordred is my favorite couple, with Arthur and Sedrick as a close second…

Whaaat? I’m a chronic ‘shipper. It’s a problem… :argh:


don’t worry i am too and i feel the same on the couples *raises hand proudly* Shameless Shipping Fangirl! ^(=^.^=)


Whats utterly terrible (in a good way) about that strip, is Mordred’s complete Surprise when she kisses him, and yet he is still so apathetic that he doesn’t like push her away automatically when it happens XD
Your Death wish is Admirable
I’m sorry, but PWN <3


Oh and Wiglaf x Mordred would be awesome and bad at the same time, mostly because although I think it would be cool, Mordred would never take any relationship seriously.
So Mordred x Driver makes more sense since she seems to put up with it anyways and I sometimes wonder if Wiglaf doens’t realise HOW apathetic Mordred can be x.x;



…I’m sure it’s now obvious: Wiglaf and Mordred. Because… They just seem to go together in my mind… And also Arthur and Sedrick~


wut psychoyaoiotaku said. ………that’s a long name to type…….any way i love how Mordred said “your death wish is admirable”


Wiglaf and Mordred. I’m not really sure why but I do.


After going through the archives again, I have changed my pairing to Wiglaf/Mordred/Driver. I blame the Mistletoe strip in the gallery for that. Although, if it can only be two characters, I would still choose Wiglaf/Mordred.


Arthur and Sedrick for sure! Although Wiglaf and Mordred is my close second.

Also your art is super on point today. I especially like the last panel.


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