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Getting Scared Now

Don’t worry. Arthur’s not backing out. He’s going to do it!

(Yes, I know there’s no color. I really didn’t want to skip again but I’m super tired. Lol. Uh. Wednesday should be better. o-o;)

Edit: Wednesday is here and not better. LOL. Work’s been crazy. Monday and Tuesday were the worst. Today was calmer but lots of stressed coworkers make for a stressful environment. I’m taking tonight off. Wish me luck the rest of the week. o-o; See you guys on Friday with an update, if not a comic.


Color or black & white, your comic still captivates both intrigue and the funny bone. So Hakuna Matata, no worries.


Lack of color is fine, don’t worry! Plus, I kinda really love seeing the actual shape of Arthur’s hair-it’s so simple, yet so compelling…


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