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Giant Boulders, Too

The title is actually referring to Strip 62: Yeah, He Does – and just a reminder to the audience that Wiglaf actually has mild super-strength.  ’cause you know; he’s special. :D

Writer’s block is out to get me. I’m lucky I got the sketch on the page at the rate my mind wanted o work. XD

And it’s still not working because I’m all distracted. By what? If you follow my twitter you know – but I’ll save the official squealing for when I have pictures. XD

Okay. Fine. You dragged it from me – I’m getting a kitty!!!! Ever since my previous cat passed on (Bless her) the house has been far too empty. Well, a friend set it up so that we can adopt a cat from a family that can no longer keep her. So hopefully in a week they’ll be the pitter patter or new little paws running about.

I’m so excited~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Don’t Give Up” by The Noisettes


Poor Ricky; he’s just going to be a big punching bag for Wiglaf. ;_;And Azrael is a little too nice. XD

And congratulations on the kitty! Can’t wait to see pics. :D


*Looks around furtively.* *Squeals and cheers with wild abandon.* Hurrah for new cats! Hurrah for Wiglaf being heroic!

Congratulations, Liliy! *Gives you a steely eye.* You or your dad had better post pictures.


I forgot about Wiglaf being so perfect. I can’t wait!

and I hope you ahve fun with your kitty! I know I love mine.


“Not. Freak.” :lol2:
I actually remembered Wiglaf having semi-super-strength. This is so much more fun than watching him toss boulders, though. :P


Whoa, Wiglaf made quite a throw! :D Hey Liliy, good job drawing the action shot with Ricky getting tossed. It looks like it could have come right out of a Spider-Man comic or something. Very vivid.

Azrael is mighty cross now. He may have to fight a sandbag instead; Wiglaf’s just way too busy. XD

Congratulations on your new cat! It will be great when it arrives.


Yay for Kitties!
I wonder how many henchmen that Wiglaf could take on at once. Thus far 3 is the most we’ve seen, it could be more this time! As a side note, shouldn’t Azrael be more concerned about Alistair right now?


Lol, I love Azreal~~~ <3

HAHAHA!!! Go to True Magic!! NAO!@!!~@@!~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aja dressed up Joe as Security!!! XDDDDDD


Oh! And happy All Hallow's Eve!!!


Lol, I love how cordgial Azreal is~~~ <3

Happy All Hallow's Eve!!!

Oh! And Check out True Magic!!! Aja dressed Joe up as Security~~~


Poor Azrael…things never go his way. xD

Congrats on the kitty! Can’t wait to see pics!

And I just realized that Wiglaf looks a LOT like Sir Oric von Lichtenstein. xDD


Yay for Wiglaf :happy:

Finally finished reading x_x

took half of day 0_0

happy and sad at same time D:

*eyes droop* tired *yawn* nigh nigh Zzzzzzz (Need sleepy emotes…yes)


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