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Girl’s Night In

I felt like drawing Driver so I did. I can’t vouch for her taste in films. Lol.

Also there will be NO WaM on Friday. I have family coming in to visit and I can already tell I’m going to be super busy. XD

Edit: I thought I was going to have time to draw WaM on Sunday before the “Family is visiting!” week off, but uh. That didn’t happen. Lol. I got so busy I even forgot to post my “No WaM!” message. XD; So uh. I’ll see you guys next week on June 23. :D

Edit 2 (6/23): It is the 23rd and I am here to be seen! Family has left after a very busy week and I’m still recovering. LOL. We will return to our regularly scheduled program on Wednesday. :D

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