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Give Her A Second

And there’s the last of our trio! Huzzah! ;D


I was going to comment about Mordred blushing(careful you might make Driver jealous), then I read what Bliss was saying.

Suddenly, I have to wonder if the two seemingly separate comments here-
about horse drawn carriages and ‘a lot of screaming’ are connected.
Because suddenly that would make a lot of sense.

Also human Bliss is really cute.


Yeah, with the new-found knowledge of her wheelchair, it actually makes sense. She was probably in a terrible carriage accident, or something to that nature.

Odd how everything Bliss says is actually completely logical, and even important, she just forgets to put it all in context.


Awww, she’s adorable! ^^;; And wheelchair-bound. Rather interesting, that.

I hope she didn’t get hurt badly falling from a good 10 feet up or so. I mean, yeah, she fell on Mordred, but not fully.


Oh, I was right, Bliss is beautiful. So cute! Oh, such a lovely little girl….

Huh. A fashion-conscious girl in clothes designating at least high middle class, or possibly upper class, who has a very serious paralysis AND mentions having a wheelchair. I think….her story likely has something to do with a dishonest nurse or family member. Like they were tired of taking care of the spoiled crippled (no offense meant) princess, so they told her they were taking her to a new hospital or something. And, well, ‘ignorance is bliss’, natch.


She could also easily be the doted on sole child of a well off family born with something wrong with her legs. In my experience those born with their disability or acquiring it early in life have a greater percentage of ‘overly chipper’ personalities towards their infirmity than do those who are crippled later in life.
I’ll never forget being in a rehab hospital after losing movement in my legs suddenly and being suicidally depressed about it. I got paired with a gal whose legs didn’t form right when she was born for some group activities. At one point she reached out and smacked me hard to get me out of my bemoaning of what i’d lost. When I looked up she did a wheelie and a circle in her wheelchair and told me “Whats so bad about it? now you’re as awesome as I am, tag you’re it” and then sped down the hall to the room we were headed to.
Bliss kinda reminds me of her – perpetually perky and optimistic and prone to ignoring or just accepting the negatives in such a way as they’re almost non issues unless they make themselves obvious – like not having her chair available.
And back when Bliss first lived Custom fashionable clothes were fairly normal. She’s mentioned OWNING 4 carriages which indicates a family of wealth and It would make sense that she had a personal tailor and seamstress seeing to her every fashion need. Likely a jeweler and a milliner as well as personal maid(s) skilled in hairdressing and applying cosmetics.

I get more of a feeling that she blindly wandered into trouble more than that she was turned over.


I wonder if he’s going to be carrying her, since there’s clearly no wheelchair nearby.

I imagine confused and/or amused looks, and a “What?”.


probably our resident hero will be carrying the damsel in distress. else lackey’s are for carrying luggage


So two (4) questions:

How far of an effect did the blast have? Were Jade and the others at the headquarters hit?

Also, did the blast undo their powers? Where are Camlann and Lake?


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