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Give His Back A Minute

Boss is really old, guys. So old. He’s also eternally young though, so he doesn’t really have an excuse. He’s just out of shape. :P


Translation: “…yes.”

(Not shown thought bubble: “If only I had [entry from a way too long list of artifacts his cult made] to help me…”)

Either he’s never gone against someone as tough as Wiglaf, or he’s just grown way too reliant on those things. (Or both.)


Wonder what the others are doing.

Is anyone considering reconstituting the rings?
That would make wearing them a bit of a challenge for our local cannibal.

Maybe someone would want the opportunity to punch a certain homicidal redhead in the face?


I bet even turned human, Maria would be terrifying to Grace. I have wondered for a while now, though, why “We can turn your rings human too” hasn’t even been used as a threat yet.

Though why someone would feel an overwhelming need to punch Azreal in the face right now confounds me. (:P)
Homicidal Redhead VS Homicidal Redhead! (Dumbest fight ever. Azrael’s apparently a wimp without Grace (though that was against Wiglaf, and most people are wimps compared to him), and Maria has probably forgotten how to do anything but be a ring.)


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