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Give it Time

Sleep time is now.

Today’s song recommendation is the Finding Nemo soundtrack. Go listen~ Go forth and listen to the emotional lyric-free wonder~


Wait…two of the rings? So there are more than three rings? Huh. I kind of just assumed all the artifacts came in threes.


No wait. I feel stupid, because right after posting that comment I remembered Bliss mentioning that there were…8? rings before. Derp.


I still haven’t figured out which one is Facile and which one is Flair. If anyone knows for certain, please tell!


Does it matter? They’re joined at the hip any way. I have a feeling that they’re the kind of couple that you’d have a hard time separating even if they were still alive.


It’s hilarious having all these artifacts and their spirits in one place. And I’m becoming extremely interested in the relationship between Boss and Jade. Jade’s design is pretty nifty.


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