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Going Back To Blonde, Too

Whoo! It’s finally here. Been waiting for the right time for this, and I think it’s here. Big changes for Driver. Can’t let her get left behind on the character development train, can I? Nope, no can do.

I hinted that her hair would get cut way back on an April Fool’s strip, and now it’s here. XD Whoo.

Changed the style a bit though. :P

Thanks everyone for continuing to read and support me! I love all of you guys! *hugs*


I keep forgetting that Wiglaf has very light coloured eyes since they aren’t usually drawn coloured xD

And the title answered a question I had, was she going to stop dyeing it.


I know she always gets mistaken as a guy, but the new hair cut makes her look even more like one. I’ve got to say she does look nice.


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