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Going To Change The Game

Serious Sedrick is serious.

He’s kickin’ butt, taking names and gettin’ up in Arthur’s face to show him just whose boss around here.

If you haven’t figured out the Big Bad for this Volume yet…I’ll give you a hint – he’s one of the two people in this frame. Three guesses and two don’t count. XD


Or something. Sleep deprivation bad…. XD

EDIT: I noticed the typo. I’ll fix it later. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Fall to Pieces” by Avril Lavigne


I’m a little worried about what he’s doing to Arthur in that last panel.
Without the text it looked very suggestive, it still does, just, a little less so.


The villiain is that guy isn’t it? You know, the one with the face and the hands. He’s got two arms, and wears clothing. He has a nose and a mouth and hair. You know. That guy.


Oh Sedrick. Don’t you realize your petty evil is nothing compared to mi– er, I mean to Arthur’s Dad? And do you honestly think he’s going to just let you kick his boy around like a bathmat? No, you’re going to get comeuppance, boy. And it will leave you a quivering pile of nothing.

(It would be nice to see the Elder Evil stretch his muscles again. Beating up on his own employees doesn’t count.)


I think the sixth panel is almost more suggestive than the last. And with the ‘eternal love and devotion’ bit…


Am I the only one who noticed Arther’s weird Sailermoon anime eyes? was that Sedrick’s view of him? Besides we all know Wiglaf isn’t going to let anyone do evil in his … universe.

Reply he choking him? it..doesn’t quite look like they are kissing but…

And I love Arthur’s sparkly eyes in the 6th panel :3


Saw that coming, the villain is never stopped right after his appearance. He is going to be around for a very long while even after Wiglaf gets involved.


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