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Going To Need A Bigger Truck

Wiglaf’s been waiting to do that for a while.

…I think I made some fans happy. Maybe? I don’t know. I think some people were still rooting for Camlann…..or where they? Not sure.


*giggle* I love Loki. XD *tackle hugs him* And Thor and Loki were so freaking cute as kids. It was ridiculous. Go see it! AVENGERS is coming soon. And I’m not ashamed to admit my only exposure to Marvel is the movies. XD The comics…not so much. On that end I’m a DC girl~

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Hee, you went with Diane for her name.

The title’s a nod to Jaw isn’t it?(Going to need a bigger boat/Going to need a bigger truck)

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I just realized that the animal control truck is a puppy! It has the ears and nose and a tongue sticking out! It’s so cute~! :$


And I had to go back and look again. Indeed, the truck is a puppy!! Yay small awesome details! : P


Ahhhhh… *Grins relievedly.* Yes. You certainly made at least this fan very happy.

Prediction: “Diane” will turn out to be very much like Mordred’s downstairs neighbor in that she will be normal, but for an exceptionally large blind spot where ridiculousness is concerned.


I guess when Eclat changes something they stay that way….YAY MORE HUMAN CAMLANN!!! XD :love:


I must admit some surprise that Cammy didn’t shut down when the anti-magic field went up, and that Wiglaf didn’t just do that earlier. (The question now is, how do they prevent Cammy from being a threat in the future?)

So. If Azrael fought Cammy now, would he gain magical powers to fight him? =^-^=


Wiglaf is just too cool. I like bliss hanging around them, shes not going to be got rid of is she?


I think Camlann needs a time out. And then he and Wiglif need to sort out their issues.

….Do they have therapy for talking swords and their bearers?


Tired *yawns* I know the feeling of that plus the added pain of a PC that expires *le sigh*.

The “Going to need a bigger … ” predates jaws and was a comedy beat from old BBunny toons onwards.

I am liking bliss more and more. Now if only they could figure out a way of here being seen …. Oh dear, would √©clat make her corporeal to get even for ruining his fun?
(( I can picture Bliss doing the blink-blink-I’mReal?-DawningRealization-WiglafGlompAttack)) :D


Seeing that griffin picked up by animal control is hilarious. XD And I love the expressions on Wiglaf and Camlann, with Wiglaf’s serene amusement contrasted with Camlann’s hysteria.

Glad you enjoyed “Thor,” Liliy. If you want to experience more of the Avengers, I would definitely recommend the recent cartoon series “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”


Finally, he shuts UP. :| That’s only in all caps because I don’t know how to do italics.


Whatever you want here Just remove the spaces. Switch the ‘i’ with a ‘b’ and you make it bold.

See, like this. or this


Whatever you want here.
remove the *’s


Ok, you know what, just type in i between for the opening tag and /i between for the closing tag and place the text you want italicized between the two.
(we really need a preview button so we know this works before posting


The arrow, the letters go between the freaking arrows(the ones above the comma and period on the keyboard). >< (these ones) Sorry about the multiple posts, there's no preview msg button so I've no idea if what I've typed will show up properly.


Diane should make an appearance in the current arc, the one with Mordred’s dog. Herchell being caught in a net would be adorable. :D


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