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Good Intentions Fail.

I hope someone got a chuckle b/c I’m not happy with today’s strip at all. XD It feels rushed and sloppy.

Reaffirm me and tell me you love it~ *shameless*

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Of course we love your comics Liliy! Wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. And this particular comic: hey it’s got Driver(plus for me), Security’s back(plus for everybody), and Mordred is looking as awesome as ever in that two-tone hair! I wonder if he’ll keep it? Hooray for Hnaef, too!


OMG!!!!!! okay seriously i ADORE security.

And I betcha most of his funding comes through, like, the garrott family’s shell companies or something. XP


Love! Love love love love love! And yes, it made me laugh. I think it was the final pun that set me off the edge of giggles…


I was about to write and altered version of a certain infamous line from the movie Full Metal Jacket when I realized I don’t know if that would make you feel better or worse. So I’ll hold off on that joke pending permission.

Seriously Liliy, don’t worry about it–as far as I can tell this is a hobby instead of a job for you and if you’re stressing over a hobby you’re probably taking it too seriously. If me writing that doesn’t help then perhaps you should do a splash page of Wiglaf the Destroyer in action for Sunday to get past it.


I love Driver’s face when she realises she’s talking to thin air.

But Security gets the best line – again.

How about a companion comic – Mordred’s High School Days?


If you feel a strip isn’t coming out like you think it should, just add Security and we wo’t complain. :P

Seriously tho, it’s still good, the pun works, and we lerned something new nontheless. :D

…Aaaaand did anynody noticed Security it’s in two places at once? And that his presence in Wieglaf’s house goes unnoticed? O_o


What did Security do NOW? XDD

…also,my brain went’where is his hand where is his hand’ in the last panel. I’m terribly sorry. :B


“Strangling vines at homecoming” explains so many horror movies, and incidentally would satisfy my mother (who is sophomore class advisor and this week IS homecoming).

Wiglaf is mowing the rows without Camlann. I am highly impressed. Maybe he stole Death’s scythe, a la Dante (new Inferno). ‘Ware the reaper, devil corn, ‘ware the reaper.

I don’t see what the problem is, here, Liliy. You made a comic with two wcene changes, and each of the three scenes sports excellent characterization. It is a versatile and well-executed transition-to-next comic.


I can just imagine him hacking away at the mutant corn creatures with the dreaded magic scythe. XD It would be an epic sight. But he’ll also want to borrow Death’s broom and bucket as well, so he can clean up all the corn residue when he’s done. XD


Wiglaf must already be off to save the world from Lancelot’s out-of-control mutant corn foodstuffs. He certainly received the news fast. XD And I’m sure that’s not all on his agenda. Wiglaf still has more things to do when he gets back: He has to forcefully eject Lancelot from the apartment, and he has to call in a doctor for his friend Mordred, who is lately hallucinating about floating pink women. XD Wiglaf’s schedule is packed.

I enjoyed Driver’s reaction to learnin she had been talking to herself, and seeing Security randomly appearing all over the place with his funny grin. It’s also funny to hear the logic behind Lancelot’s bizzare ideas. XD


Lol Poor Lancelot he really needs to get out of the closet about not being a Mad Scientist~ :P :lol2:


It’s not so much him being in denial as that he wants to be a hero that feeds the hungry and does all sorts of karma-whorish things like that.


I got a chuckle out of it ;) Horrible puns amuse me lmao (no offense. All puns are horrible.)

Keep up the lovely comics ^^


I love that pun. He could pair up with my mycology professor and do some serious damage. He could make the mutated plants, and she could make the mycorrhizae that would make them stronger!


Oh Security the comedian. Also the Garrots totally should hire Lance and then Arthur could be in charge of him or something (he would probably instruct him to keep an eye on his baby brother for his first job)


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