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Good Timing

So…Steam finally came out for Mac & I’m on it. The User is GreyLiliy if you care to friend me. I’m new to gaming so be kind.

And thanks to that I now have a free copy of Portal…that I played start to finish in 4 hours. *twitch* Well, most of them. By about level 19 I was getting sick (I think motion sickness…) and my bro played out the last two levels. That game is love. It is every bit as good as everyone says it is. XD

Oh yes, the comic. Congrats. I spoiled something about Bliss for you all. *inserts evil laughter*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Nights In White Satin” by Moody Blues


Heh, an orb with gender… the possibilities. XD

And hurray for Mac!Steam! Portal really is glorious; I’m glad they’re giving it away. Now if they’d just release Team Fortress 2~


Heh. Orb, female, oh where can we go with this.

And dammit show us the damn orb already!

And on an unrelated note, Love the song in the siggy. Nights in white satin. Heh.


Who wants to take bets that one of the Valkyrie’s wond up with it…

My bet is Sv√°fa. :P


of yeah before i forget again, since we get to see Grace’s face from time to time will we be getting a cast picture as well? :B


Since cast pages are created on a time available basis and Liliy has a new gaming habit, it may take a while. Probably lucky today’s episode was not just a B&W sketch.


Yay Portal! I can’t wait for the sequel to come out. Hopefully it will be longer. So sorry you got motion sick.


Liliy, in light of this information presented here about the Orb of Bliss’s nature, if you name her something like “Tegau Eurfron,” I will have a very difficult time deciding whether to dissolve into fits of laughter or deck you for such an unforgiveable pun… despite the woman’s inherent connection to Arthurian Legend through Sir Caradoc.


Wah! I want money to build a gaming PC that I can play Portal with! :*(

And no, I’m not going with a Mac. When they get old you have to replace the whole thing to keep up with the newest games. And there’s no PC HALO. >:(


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