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Good choice of last name!

Now the security guy is making me crack up. Especially in conjunction with the compound pun you put in the title.

“Springland” Apartments? *Sighs.* Mordred’s poor reputation. He really needs to work on finding somewhere to live with a name like “Winterdark Fens” or similar. Now, will Wiglaf actually get to see the “Lair,” or will all lackeys be kicked to the curb as unworthy?


I demand that the security guard get his own profile on the cast page! He is too awesome, mostly because he just fits right in.

Kudos on constantly undermining Mordred’s bad guy facade. I do so adore your wit.



This is so great. XD The writing in this one is particularly good; nearly every line is hilarious. Security and Driver should be on the cast page, even if they just get a quick mention.


You’d think Mordred would at least pick an apartment that sounds foreboding. Or maybe he just doesn’t care.


Garrott is also decidedly close to garrote, which is a method of killing someone via strangling them from behind with a wire or something(I think, I know it involves strangling). Very appropriate for a family of villains don’t ya think?


Why would Wiglaf ask whether Mordred’s last name is Garrott, when he knows his brother, and thus should know his last name?


Remember, he’s pretending that he never met Mordred or his family before. If he just went “Oh, yeah, that car over there’s for you. It has a sign with your last name on it.” it would just be suspicious.
Plus, even though he DID work for Arthur Sr. before, he knew him solely as Mr. Gee and was surprised when he found out the “G” stood for “Garrott”, so he couldn’t use that as an excuse either.
Hope that helped. : )


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