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Grace and Éclat Know Better

Ha ha. Explain the last panel you say? Sometime soon you say? Liliy is being evil and putting in a  hook to make sure you stay around for arcs after Sedrick’s take-over, you say?

People say a lot, don’t they?

Re-watched both Tron & Tron:Legacy while drawing today’s WaM. Ram’s adorable. I love Kevin Flynn. Sam and Quorra are the cutest couple ever. Rinzler is a sexy, sexy beast. And I love Clu.

That was your mini-fangirl rant.

Tron: Legacy Soundtrack. Listen to it. Love it. <3


Hurrah for Tron! :D

Bliss is very funny clinging to Mordred like that. At least she doesn’t blame him for her confinement; she was perfectly comfortable with it apparently. XD But that doesn’t make things better for Mordred. He’s still trapped in her clutches. XD

The last panel makes me very interested. We have another mystery here! Maybe Vilhelm is part of a top-secret spy organization dedicated to tracking down magical artifacts to safeguard international security and/or to use the artifacts for enhancing the organization’s own power. I can’t wait to learn more.


…. Well this may explain why Wiglaf had a summer job looking after those horses for Mordred’s dad.

As for that second last Panel … is it just Bliss being Bliss or is it Bliss doing the touchy thing that has him not liking the situation?


wiglaf really doesn’t seem to like it when other people touch his personal toys does he?

i wonder how livid he will get if Bliss accidentally tickles Mordred.


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