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Grace Got You Out, Didn’t He?

I’m sure there were plenty of times inbetween the incident Azrael mentioned and Grace saying “When have I ever let you down?” and the like. XD

Hmm. News. News. Not much really. I survived the puppies and I’ve got a pop-tart. Brown Sugar and Cinnamon flavored.

So we’ll just go with the always meant – Thanks for reading & Commenting! XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Figured You Out” by Nickelback


I didn’t even know it was POSSIBLE to break your arm in four places (at once, at least). My, the shenanigans Azrael and Grace get up to. :)
I am completely mezmerized by the background, by the way. <3


Just mix testosterone, stupidity, alcohol and a pickup truck. Mix on a country road and add a series of closely spaced roadsigns leading to a freeway on-ramp. :omg:

At least he didn’t stick his head out. :sly:


Actually, if you broke the Humerus(upper arm bone) in two places and one break each in the Radius and Ulna(the two bones that make up the lower arm) you could, theoretically break it in four places at once. How that would happen, I’m not sure, perhaps a violent fight.


Grace’s disgust with the Orb of Bliss makes it even more interesting to learn who or what Bliss is. I like the portrayals of Grace’s obsession and Azrael’s exasperation. The green background with the sparkles is nice-looking.


See- now I’m glad my Birthday was Sunday. Because it meant the first thing I could look at upon waking would bee an update of my favorite comic. Best. Birthday. Ever. xD

Heh, dang Grace, what did you have him do? That could break his arm in FOUR places? 0_0 Do I WANT to know?! :raisebrow:


I see Azrael still has a bit of a problem not looking at the figure of Grace instead of the sword when talking. The :sly: eyes really give it away.


Apparently the “Look-at-the-Sword-when-talking-to-Grace”-rule only applies when they’re out in public. If they’re alone it’s okay to talk directly to “spirit Grace”. (Liliy, please correct me if I’m wrong.)


i get the feeling Bliss is Grace’s sister and did somthing horribly mean to him and now he wants revenge :gasp:


Eep, for places? I’ve had it broken in just one, and since that never quite healed properly, I can only guess how painful that must be… Grace is such a loveable bastard XD


I LOVE the dynamic between these two. It’s always a toss up whether Wiglaf and Mordred or Azrael and Grace are vying for my favorites…

Awesome page as always!


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