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Grace Is Happy Again

*throws up comic*

Edit: I was doing so well…WaM’ll be up late Wed. night. I’d check Thursday to be safe unless you hear otherwise on Twitter. ¬†Thanks!


Grace smiling like that makes him looks so, un-Grace like. It’s weird. Especially since a child-murdering psycho isn’t supposed to look adorable like that xD


I think Grace is going to want to spend more time with Ben and Ecalt after this. They make stuff and Azrael and Grace kill them!


I felt really happy that Grace was happy for a moment. Then I was all like “wait, this guy is a serial killer.” -.- wow self.

I guess that just says something about how awesome these characters are that I even end up sympathizing with the serial killer. Meanwhile it’s actually kinda’ nice to see Azrael back to his own self. I’m totally with the girls on that one.


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