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Grace Is Helping

Yeah, Ben surprised me with his actions, too. XD He was hiding stuffs!

Ug. Sleep. And don’t forget to click that ‘previous’ button. Prudence got her page too, it was just super late. XD



Wild Ben used Sparkle Eyes!

It is absolutely adorable!

*snuggles* I love Ben and Eclat so much~


AW Ben, I think I like you a thousand times more for threatening who would, probably be, Eclat’s lots of-greats-nieces and nephews XD As always, you do wonderful work Liliy.


Uh, Ben.
Eclat *is* one of the descendants of his mother.
Did you think this little declaration through.


More for the last page than this one, but does anyone else get the feeling the artifact-making organization is really against change, progress, and making society better?

I mean, they take the black woman who was brave enough to marry a white man in the 50s, the revolutionary against the French aristocracy, and the. . . serial rapist/killer. Okay, so my theory doesn’t work for Grace and we don’t know about the other artifacts, but that’s just what it seems like to me.


It seems more to me like they were looking for something particular in the source souls for the artifacts. Something like “rebelliousness” or “rejection of social norms.”

If that follows, the affianced couple were probably eloping, and Bliss was…. hmm. Perhaps she was a smart lady going for education in an “unladylike” subject for the Victorian/Edwarian era, and the artifaction process traumatized her so much that she became an airhead.

Mordred fits in because he’s a villain living with a hero. And the whole over-protective father grudge thing.


Bliss does know how a steam engine works….


I like this theory. It needn’t even have been the process that turned her into an airhead, though.

Airheadedness is normal for a certain subset of academics.


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