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Grace is Lucky…

If you’re curious, my favorite panel is the 3rd one down on the right side.

And from what I gather, Sváfa is the favorite of the Valkyries. So…since I’m stalling anyway (I have a surprise coming for this darn piano concert that’s taking longer than it should. XD) – here’s Sváfa! Have fun.


OK, make it tough for me. Four characters that all look the same.

Piano picture should be awesome and worth the wait.


Hooray for Svafa! Her cheery, happy-go-lucky personality makes her especially endearing. ^_^

I’m also hypothesizing that maybe Svafa’s Valley-girl speech comes in handy for deceiving her enemies into thinking that she is naive and helpless, when in fact she is formidably clever. That would certainly help her to outsmart her opponents. ^_^

I wonder what Brynhildr is mixing in the chemistry lab. It must be some kind of last-minute experiment for something important before they leave on their trip.

Digging Svafa walking and humming. :D


Azreal was making out with Grace, wasn’t he? Whatever he was doing that panel = win. XD Love the pink, and Svafa is the most fun (so far). ^_^ Can’t wait to see the concert pic… it’ll totally be worth the wait. :D

*collapses from exhaustion*


:lol2: Lol, omg, that panel is definatly the best. Azreal, your constanly surrounded by these beautiful women who idolize you, but you’d rather go like make out with your rapier? :shocked: Not good. :happy:


Now that we are aware of how very real Grace is, I have to wonder what exactly is going on in that third panel on the right…



True…. my guess is that Grace was tormenting Azrael by popping his buttons and telling him exactly what it was going to look like.

Or maybe Azrael was getting changed for the plane, Grace made him pick the rapier up, and then Grace said exactly what Svafa(?) was seeing when she walked in.

….no matter what, you just know it was probably Grace’s fault.


I have to agree with the first idea. That sounds just like something Grace would do to Azrael to mess with him. Or perhaps because Azrael was threatening to leave him behind after Grace was asking if they were going to be killing anyone at the concert.

Which we all know Azrael can’t do; he wuvs his Grace.


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