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Grace Wouldn’t Need Them

I know it’s an hour late…but I swear I started on time tonight. It just took forever to draw/color/etc. XD

Part 1 of 3! All our Swords get one page of back story. Enjoy it. *puts on cool glasses*

Edit: Put a larger version up on DA for you guys. :) Now you can see Grace’s freckles. :P

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Mean Green Mother From Outer Space” from Little Shop of Horrors


I just noticed, you can see the colour change happening and he’s being changed.
Which makes begs the question, can the people who make the objects see the spirits attached to it?(i.e the ones who made Grace would be able to see Grace?)


I have a question what’s so special about the dolls??


They are special to Grace. For reasons. *points to dead body can barely see in first frame, boy in second frame, and doll in forth frame, followed by a lot of hinted coughing*


I missed the dead person! Now the whole Grace = serial killer makes sense. I was thinking, aw, he’s making dolls of the kids in town.. followed by D:



I love this page so much and I love Grace so much and I am so incredibly happy right now and I don’t know how I’m going to survive until Wednesday!



This is awesome. I love Grace. So much. Only three pages for his backstory?! He should get his own story arc!


Are you a clone? We had very similar responses…. And my name is Ashley… o-O

Actually, Grace doesn’t get three pages of backstory. =( The other two pages are for the other two swords: Eclat and Prudence. I WISH he got three pages. *cuddles him*


Really? O.o I didn’t even look at the other responses, haha… Spiritual twins? XD

And, wow, totally missed the sentence right after Part 1 of 3… I feel smart… XP


Yeah… O-o Twins~! XD

I always try to guess what will happen during the next page so I always just thouroughly read the comments for any hints. =P


TxT No, not the dollies! They’re so cute!
*tackle glomps Grace, falls through him* He needs a hug….If he wants, I’ll make him new dollies; I’m good at that sort of thing ^w^


yes! more Grace!

and I don’t know if you meant to do this, but it’s awesome:
in the Artifact’s speech bubbles, you make the dialogue off-center on purpose, and in Grace’s narration here, it’s completely in line. perhaps to reflect how he was still (relatively) human then? maybe he was (relatively) of clearer mind? or maybe to underscore how important these backstories are…?
or maybe i think to much into things >_<


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Back stories are the BEST thing! YAY I’m SO excited that we’re getting them, I love them I love them I love them. This is brilliant.


He turns people into dolls that way he’s never has to be alone (or he just stalks people and makes Doll replicas of them either or.)


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