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Grandma Has to Grandma

Both of my coworkers are grandmothers and I get to hear about their grandkids a lot. Proud grandmas are proud and I love it. :D

Edit: Ended up hanging out with my brother Wednesday night. That meant no drawing (I can use my laptop while we’re watching but not the computer with my drawing stuff XD). I’ll see you guys on Friday.

Edit 2: It is Friday. Wednesday I hung out with family so I don’t feel bad about that one, but tonight I’m exhausted (even with a half day at work). I’m going to bed early and sleep this off. xd I’ll see you guys on Sunday. I know what I wanted to draw tonight so at least there’s that going for me. Night!

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….the weirdest thing is that this isn’t a half bad plan. Especially for Arthur. Be more evil to enslave the other villains while posing as Janus, but this works too.


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