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First of all:


There probably would have been a 4th themed strip today, if I hadn’t realized that none of my cast are actually Americans. Mordred just lives in the States…he hasn’t gotten his citizenship yet. Heh. But anyway, I hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday. I know I for one am appreciating my day off. :D

As for the strip- we finally get to see Mordred’s father. Well, part of him. He spoils his grandson. Fun stuff the Garrott family. Fun stuff.

And go see Wall.E – It’s not even fair how good that movie was. *sniffle* So beautiful!


Happy 4th of July! I love seeing Security with that black eye; it looks really painful. XD And what exactly is that box of stuff Wiglaf and Mordred have?


Wiglaf is moving into Mordred’s pad. :D Clearly Mordred isn’t being very helpful.


Funny, when I first looked at that box, I totally thought I saw a spear, and I was like “Oh, another reference to Arthurian Mordred?” But then it wasn’t. *sigh*


Safir looks real cute when he’s happy to see his grandpa. Very touching.

Mordred is cracking me up in the last panel. He’s stealing the scene without even saying a word. I also like how Wiglaf has his own mace-and-chain weapon. Very cool. ^_^


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