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Something different.

Edit: Here’s the full size of the last panel without the dialogue if you want it:

Wiglaf and Mordred at Sunset


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“Best Days” by Graham Colton


I’m sorry, I still find this funny simply because I’m sure that, once the sun sets and they’re still on that iceberg, Mordred is going to start complaining again. Otherwise . . . it’s so sweet and “Aaah” worthy!


*blinks* Did Mordred really just SAY that? I’m waiting for the punchline, or the ‘ha ha just kidding, here’s the real page’, or something. :omg:
Does not compute! *flails*


Wait… Isn’t the ICEBURGE made of drinkable water?
All they need now is some fruit syrup and thay’ll be shitting on the biggest Snow-cone EVER! :D


I’m not…sure how to…act on that. I think I’m in a bit of shock….

*sniffle* How touching…

So who do you think will save them? xD

And if they do not get saved I would NOT want to be the one to tell Arthur that I let his beloved brother get thrown overboard to freeze to death along with his most bitter enemy…no I would not… D:


I think the cold and imminent death is getting to Mordred. It’s perfectly possible.

I went to Alaska once and saw the glaciers. I was wrapped in multiple waterproof layers from head to toe and I was FREEZING from about 3000 or more meters away.

I would NOT want to be either of them right now.

And Wiglaf’s GOT to be hurting, with that chainmail shirt. x_x


Why do I have the feeling that mordred is only feeling peacfull because he’s kinda emo/goth-ish? ‘Course, once the cold really sets in they might be set to strangling each other again…

OOoh! does Lackey no know about glaciers being drinkable water because of the phobia thing? ARE glaciers having drinkable water in them?… Anyways… :love: SOO CUTE!!!!


daaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That was the most adorable strip ever.

And that’s now my desktop on my compy. ^_^


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. This made my little shipper heart grow three sizes too big! You’re very kind to us. :lol2:


Awww, if it wasn’t for the fact that Mordred is probably just experiencing brain trauma right now, I would think that was the sweetest thing he ever said. :$


Welllll… They could hollow out a cave in the iceburg for shelter like an igloo, melt the ice to make drinkable water, and depending on the size of the iceburg, they could sharpen sticks and hunt seals or fish.


They could burn the seal fat for warmth. Only drawback is icebergs tend to roll over as the bottom melts and they become top heavy.


It doesn’t look like the part sticking out of the water is very big, so they probably have enough time for someone to realize that they’re missing and come get them. In the meantime, if there aren’t any seals, they could break apart the board they were floating on, tie on a piece of thread from their clothes to it, and then tie the thread to a bent chain link from Wiglaf’s armor to make a fishing rod. :lol:


I’m cheering for hypothermia and their corpses drifting in the sea/sinking to the bottom of the ocean respectively because I’m a big fan of unexpected main-character deaths. However, I’m realistic about that not being in the script. I expect to be frustrated in this desire yet again. The whole comic is named after them, and Liliy hasn’t announced she’s planning to end the strip. Accordingly, these characters have plot-armour thick enough to protect from direct nuclear strike.
Even hough they have nothing besides the contents of their pockets (which would be water-damaged) and about the only person who might have any clue where they may be is Hnaef or Security–if they happen to be watching in Mimir’s satellite camera feeds (and somehow manage to see them at that very southern latitude)–they will either manage to rescue themselves or be rescued. Possibly they’ll run into something on the iceberg itself even though there ought to be nothing much to run into on a slowly melting chunk of ice floating in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps they might get picked up by a passing ship but hyothermia from sitting on a giant lump of ice (or hanging around in nearly-as frigid water) should kill them faster than that. How specifically it happens isn’t obvious because there is no reasonable way they would survive this either on or off the iceberg.
It could be made awesome with them getting rescued by the drunk captain of an oil tanker that runs into the iceberg and makes a giant oil spill perhaps. That would be just realistic and awful enough to work.


Sadly, I’m not allowed to introduce any named characters this arc. Or that picked up by oil tanker/pirates/whatever other boat could have occurred. XD

But cheers for remembering we’ve got two (nearly) all-knowing people on the cast. :P


That’s an excellent sunset portrait. The color and the lighting are gorgeous, and the background is nicely detailed. It’s also interesting to see how the prospect of death changes Mordred’s disposition to something more amiable. It will be interesting to see how soon he reverts back to his old grumpy self. XD

I get the feeling that Gawain and Hagen will soon be the next people to be annoyed by Camlann’s ranting. XD


Wow that was so sweet. I’m liking the lens flares too. It will make a wonderful background pic. Yay!!!!


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