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Habits Are Hard To Break

I’m not happy with today’s strip at all and I’m too tired to fix it. I apologize.

*passes out*

But on the bright side, I did finish this, which I am incredibly proud of. Give and Take I guess.

Edit: Hey early birds (those who saw the strip from midnight to 8am and saw nothing), apparently I was having technical difficulties with the strip showing up. It’s all fixed now. Sorry for the trouble!


“Force of habit.” ROFL, nice one. I like Arthur’s sheepish expression when he says that. It’s a good thing he has Sedrick to remind him to remedy the misnaming of his now-mother dragon. XD

You’ve got me very curious about what the inside of the dragons’ cage looks like.


Huh. It took me a couple of times looking at the comic to realize that the cage is labeled “Dragons.” Nice work on that one, as well as all of the Victorian-suggestive swirls.

I just realized something. Sedrick had been drinking out of a mug that said “#1.” Now he’s ordering Arthur around. Does Sedrick still have aspirations to replace Arthur? Oh my.

*Digging the tail going “swish.”* Swish!


Oh god I love that party picture!


Driver just gets better and better lookin’. I approve. Have to say that driver is still one of my favourite characters despite the strong competition from the rest of the cast.

Yours faithfully (to driver),


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