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Had Enough.

We’ll see what everyone else is up to on this fun little camping trip later. Right now I’m having too much fun with Wiglaf and Mordred.

If feels so good to let Mordred out of the box. He was cute as the lovable idiot, but I think things will be more fun with him giving us a piece of what really goes on in his head.

And don’t feel too bad for Wiglaf just yet, he’ll get his moment. I promise. ^_^


Something about that first panel disturbs me. XD I do like the word balloons, though. ^_^

I’m curious as to what Mordred will do now that he doesn’t have Lackey to abuse, though. And where Wiglaf will be going, and if he’ll be taking the Brat since he’s supposed to be watching her or something.


what disturbs you could be the fact that Mordred is willingly that close and touching Wiglaf, freakin’ poking him in the face no less.


Nice use of circular gradient. I like that you positioned Mordred so he’s emanating the darkness, and the panels so that they reflect the deteriorating mood.

Wiglaf, don’t listen to him. You’re supposed to hate the Bad Guys, and your original intentions were definitely pure. Cue Golden Stag to come lead Wiglaf on a soul-cleansing hike through the mountains (Brat being dragged along by her ear).

Mordred will NOT become the first Garrot to successfully rout Wiglaf the Hero.


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