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Had Time To Think

Poor Camlann. He was tied up for a long, long, time. XD


Is that thread….. changing? It looks like it’s changing somehow. Like glowing and spreading out slightly.


I’m pretty sure it’s just blood. That’s what happens when you talk when your mouth is sewn shut. Poor Camlann… *hugs*


so, wait. if it is sewn shut, then there must be a knot somewhere to hold it together. if they find the know wouldnt they be able to pull out the stitches? just curious~


Possibly, but considering the sheer amount of magic running through camalan, its unlikely to be as simple as regular thread, or he would have got rid of it by now.

Hell, could be like a cursed torturous object which actively hurts him more if he tries to get rid of it -Shrugs-


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