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Happily Listening

Ahhhh. I have to be up at 4:00 a.m. to help my mom with something all day. Lol. Wish me luck and enjoy a cute drawing of Wiglaf I’m happy with. XD

Thanks for reading!

Edit: No WaM. I’m still tired from yesterday. LOL. I’ll see y’all on Wednesday. XD


I’m starting to be curious as to the things he paid Driver to do. I mean, I know it’s likely only things like get groceries and like food, but, still.


Whatever he wanted her to do. Lol. She definitely had a “and other needs as necessary” clause in her Job Description. Lol.


Yeah, but when she had that penciled in, she obviously had other hopes in mind than grocery runs.

Though, grocery runs could be argued as being under the main part of the contract, which is them being Mordred’s driver.

…actually, if Brat took up a job with Mordred’s family as one of Mordred’s minions, she would ensure that her contract has that clause as well, wouldn’t she? And then be promptly fired when she molests Mordred under the expectation of fulfilling her desired outcome of that clause.


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