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Happy Face, Lancelot

That “Retail Smile” is the only thing that’ll save you.

(It won’t, but it’ll fool his boss–which is what matters.)

Edit: Long week was long week. I’ll see you with WaM on Sunday. xd

Edit 2: Long week was long week and then turned into a long weekend. o-o At least D&D was fun…but it ran long. And I’m passing out. I’ve reached that point in my life where 10:00 p.m. is late. I’m gonna’ sleep. WaM WILL Be on Wednesday. I’ll probably stream to make SURE it gets done. See you then!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Security relax like this. I’ve only ever seen him doing something fun while he works. Is this a rare thing? Or does he have an alternative reason for being at the candy factory?

Also, I just realized Security and Wiglaf have similar hairstyles. Are they related? Because he and Wiglaf are similar in many ways, especially with how Security and Mr. G act like Wiglaf and Mordred. Very buddy like despite the hatred or annoyance the two Garrots feel towards the two blondes.


Security seems like he has free time, but he tends to be working more than he looks. He’s at the candy factory because he wants to hang with his buddies. :P

No, sadly there is no relation. They’re just both blond with short hair. XD


Ok, well then that just leaves me with one question. Are the Garrots cursed to be pestered by at least one abnormal blonde with unusual abilities or powers? XD
Because that seems to be the case with Mr. Garrot and his kids. Though Mordred seems to have garnered more attention from Wiglaf than his siblings. It feels like they’d get jealous at not having the hero challenge them anymore. Azzy can’t be the only one who misses having Wiglaf fight him.


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