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Hard To Listen To Two

I don’t think Azrael will ever get over his midlife crisis. Its’ too much fun to have him take ten steps backwards every time he runs around with Wiglaf.

That boy needs a new job. XD

Also!┬áHate leaving you guys like this, but some things came up last week (when I actually edited this scheduled post…), so there won’t be a strip on Sunday. There will be one on Wednesday though, so thanks for being patient! I really appreciate it (and I really needed that night off).


I’d say he should be a cop, but that would probably be too many rules. Although, Azrael DID say he liked the structure of working for the Garrotts.

Maybe someone should start up a hero society or something. Turn heroism into an actual full-time job.


He might still be a mercenary or soldier, he just needs to work for legit organizations whose goals are to promote regional stability and improve quality of life. Heck, he could make one himself.


I don’t think he has it in him for the administration involved in such a venture but then again the ladies could handle all of that and just point him in the right direction when needed.


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