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Hate To Kill The Cute Ones

What those girls don’t realize, is the second Geoffry is a free man, they will have to fight Horatio for him.

And he shall not lose again. :3

Unless Viola has something to say about it.

Anyway. Yay! New pages and stuffs and all that good stuffy-stuff things.

I’m sleep deprived. Ignore me.

(Can I get a dime for every time I’ve complained about sleep issues on WaM? I mean really? XD I think it’s like every other post.)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Take It Like A Woman” by Alice Cooper


Oh my, Geoffry’s quite the popular one, eh?
Then again, I suppose that when you’re more or less the only sane man around for miles, you WOULD be quite popular.


Well, that and he’s as rich and powerful as… Probably not quite as rich as Bruce Wayne. But still very eligible.


Ok, I have a question; While Arthur and Janus fall under the ‘super villain/can take care of themselves’ category, and Mr. G won’t step in for them unless they’re dead, what about Geoffry? He’s not a super villain, just married to one.

Obviously harming his grandson would be suicide XD


“What those girls don’t realize, is the second Geoffry is a free man, they will have to fight Horatio for him.”

I laughed so hard at that 8D


Heh heh, I like how Isabelle gives voice to the widespread contempt for Janus. XD And it’s perfectly reasonable that no one except Safir is one her “don’t kill” list. She surely has no use for anyone else, and she probably has made plenty of enemies herself.

Geoffry does pretty well for himself by managing to remain rational in desperate circumstances. And Horatio would have more than a few bones to pick with more than a few people in the Garrott household if he were here now. XD


asdfdhffFFFFFFFFFFF!! XD I just imagined Horatio fighting a whole buncha chics and stealing Geoffry!! XDDD AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHOhymgodmyspleen!!!


Also, the second that Janus ends up dead, they should all be running for the hills because that’s when Mr. G steps in, and you don’t want that. Not if you want to live anyways.


“And he will not lose again.”

I laughed so hard at that. Loving Isabelle’s hair, though. Great job, as always. ;)


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