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He Abused The Hotel Right

Mordred resents being out of the strip for so long for being a title character.

He’s bitter.

At least Wiglaf looks cute in this panel. XD

(Also, oh my gosh. There was so much lightning last Friday. My power flickered like all evening. XD)

Edit: Sorry guys. Work this week has been crazy. I’ve been going to bed early and I’m still wiped. Ug. I got through half the sketch for Wednesday’s strip before I felt like I was going to drop. So I guess now it’s Friday’s sketch and I have a head start. See you then!


Poor Mordred, Wiglaf has corrupted him with non-sedentary-ness! Next thing you know, he’ll be exerci… nope, couldn’t finish that sentence with a straight face.

(Also: is he briefly channeling Driver, or is the missing T on “lifestyle tha” a typo?)


Whoah. With the first two panels being Wiglaf on top facing left and Mordred below facing right, it mimics the site’s left-side banner enough that you can really notice how much the art has changed over the years. Cool.


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