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He Can See Them All

Hey look…I got inks and dialogue up. XD

I’m feeling better if anyone was worried. :3 Not all the way, but better. *hugs you all*

Edit: Hey look! Color. Also–you guys are amazing. *sniff* Mean that. I really do.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“How He Loves (Us)” by John Mark MacMillan


Arthur Sr is leaving?

A shame, I was hoping to see where that fight went.

Oh well. At least Malachi is still awesome.


Take as much time as you need to feel all the way better! You are much more important than this comic. After all, where would the comic be without its fearless leader?


Yeah, it’s much more important you’re feeling good than it is for us to get our fix of WAM insanity ^w^


Benjamin isn’t shakin’! What isn’t he shakin’? Is there something in that room that’s keepin’ him from shakin’?


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