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He Can’t Even Process It

Oh Sedrick, you probably planned for everything but that exploding sphere thing.

That’s where it gets ya’.


But no, one more page of these two and then I might let you see what’s going on with Wiglaf. Maybe.

Teasing is the game, after all! :D

EDIT: No WaM until Saturday & Sunday. I really hate to do this to you guys, but I’ve got 160 pages to mark up and transfer to the computer before Thursday & I have to be in bed by 10pm all week to get to work early. No way around it–I can’t do WaM and those two things. I’m only one person. o_o Sorry!!! ^^; I’ll try and do an update on Saturday to make up for it.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Still Believe” by Danny Gokey


wow… X3 Author is so cute. Sedrick is kind of cute too… “My side feels like someone shoved a beam through it… ~ Brilliant..”

8D its so shiny!! and no one expects Bliss… she’s like a natural disaster, only pink. Its part ow what makes her kinda cute.

*respectfully refrains from noming brains to try to find out what happened to Wiglaf and his family*


*points to last page* We know what happened to Wiglaf’s family, Camlann teleported them about a mile away. Wiglaf on the other hand, no clue(and liliy isn’t talking)


Yea… on going back through I somehow missed that update and only saw this one.. is probably not a good idea to write comments at four am o.o

XD still can’t wait to see what happens next.


Oh you two how silly….wait where did Mordred go


I think security has something to do with Wiglaf’s disappearance


I think that would be too much to hope for… besides, Security is like Dues Ex Machina, and the hero isn’t allowed to be saved by the gods. He has to win on his own. But that’s just my opinion. I’m not going to object if he happens to be perfectly fine. *hinthint*


Oh, there actually IS a beam through his stomach. I thought is was just part of his shirt for a sec.
….have I mentioned how much I love this arc yet?


That does it, Arthur–I shall have to revoke your villain card.

*holds out hand expectantly*

ARTHUR: But…what shall I do?

I don’t know. Wiglaf needs a sidekick. You’ll get to hang out with Mordred all the time.

ARTHUR: Interesting…


Sedrick, you forgot one thing as you were causing so much trouble. Well two actually:

One, Arthur Senior will easily be able to fix all the damage. He’s the king of all villains; he’ll have it fixed up right after he takes his grandson out to the park and gets him some cotton candy.

Two, Arthur Junior is the type of idiot who will love you until the end of time. You were his best friend. He will always care. Once more, silly boy.


I’ve been wondering, who would your perfect actors/voice actors be for WaM?


Voice actors for the series since body types would never match personality types etc.
Wiglauf – ….. Björk …. [ Bart Simpson is viced by a girl so why not? ]
Mordred – Hugh Laurie
Arthur – David Broadfoot [ if he ever comes out of retirement ]
Sedrick – Rowan Atkinson [ a little makeup and the lil git could play him ]
Arthur Senior – Sean Connery [ heck he could play him as well ]


Well… duh, Sedrick. I doubt you were actually able to destroy anything Arthur Senior considered important or anything he would be unable to fix.

Second, what. You didn’t consider that Arthur Junior might just want you in good shape and unlikely to die for when he ropes you up for a nice session of why-we-don’t-betray-this-family?


the suspense is killing me~

Arthur is adorable.
this arc is excellent.

feeling there is bit more fluff between them to be coming.


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