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He Could Be A Replica!

I think…Azrael missed the point. Maybe. He’s weird.

And Bliss glows…ohhh~

And I included a conversion from feet to meters ’cause thanks to those flags in the left sidebar just how many of you use the metric system…saved you a trip to google. I think.

Don’t mind me. This whole week I’m going to be “in the field” at work – which means running around buildings and writing down how many lights are in the ceiling on a floor plan or helping people take the covers off panelboards. It’s not horrible (thankfully it is inside…) but it’s also during work hours so I’m busting in on people working at their desks and going “Uh, can I count your lights? KTHX.” But yeah; takes all day and tends to kill your brain after that sixth hour…

I’m rambling.

I shall cease now.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“This Is War” by 30 Seconds to Mars


Hahaha, poor Azrael. Wiglaf, don’t hit him again, you may break his spine. D= That would be bad, I doubt even YOU can fix that.

Azrael’s eyes are a little lopsided in the fourth panel. Or are they supposed to look that way based on his head? Like…it looks kind tilted so it would make sense that way. x3

So Azrael’s strength all came from Grace? Speaking of which…where is Grace? Maybe you should ask him why he didn’t come with one, Azrael. Then again, he might not answer your question. Or if he did, knowing him, he’d probably say it like it the most obvious thing in the world. xD Haha, the orb goes nice with Mordred’s hair. >> *cough*


You’re seeing some of the limitations of the anime drawing style: All emotion has to be grossly exaggerated and it’s too distorted and simplistic a style to make it easy to work with more than one pose per character per scene. It’s also best at perspectives that show much less detail than Liliy is trying to put in.
This really isn’t bad at all for the stylistic limitations so don’t pick on the artist. In addition to her doing pretty well here this is also her hobby and you’re getting it for free.


I know that. I didn’t mean to sound rude or anything, and I wasn’t picking on her. Sorry.


AC might have been a little hard, I think. And actually, the lopsidedness might have been intentional: Azrael has one eyebrow raised very high in panel four. If you’ve ever looked at someone who raises an eyebrow to facilitate a scathing expression, her/his eyelids do look askew (I’ve seen myself in a mirror a couple of times with the same expression to know this for a fact). Azrael may have noticed the same thing, and be overlowering the one eyelid to compensate.

He’s a silly man, sometimes.


Yes, I noticed that as well. That is why I asked if it was his head tilted or something. ^^; Anyways, sorry for the disruption. Thanks for explaining it, though. ^^


Sorry, I didn’t mean to pick on you either. It’s just that in the past Liliy seems to have not taken it well when I last commented on anatomy issues in her work–I can be relentlessly thorough when I’m a critic myself–and artists are usually their own harshest critics to begin with.


It’s okay. ^^;

It just sort of came put I guess, I’m an artist who is always asking for crits of giving them so I didn’t think before writing, it’s a force of habit I guess. Sorry…


Now, if you think you could use a critical appraisal or three, point me at something and give me a standard of judgment (or ask me to use textual-editorial, “It looks strange/bad/distracting/out-of-place” standard) and I’ll see what I can do.


I’m constantly distracted by Bliss’s shiny. XD
Azrael, sweetie, I do beleive you’re having bigger problems right now than Grace not having a certificate. Like your ribs. You can’t convince me those aren’t hurting still.
Wiglaf’s medical care is terrible. XD I mean, I’m sure if he got Azrael out he’d be able to fix it… but he’s still smacking him around to try to knock him out. XD
Last but not least: Love the song lyrics today. <3 I adore that song.


Well this is interesrting. I wonder if Gawain’s necklace is part of that set of items mentioned earlier?


Love the last 3 panels; the many faces of Azrael. :P

And he’s just paying attention to the title; Grace could be a replica. :P But if he was, one must wonder what the real Grace would be like. XD


Am I the only one that sees horrible implications in an object being sold for a penny with a certificate of authenticity that clearly cost more than that in printing costs alone (let alone research and production costs) to make? Liliy isn’t just dropping one hint about bad news surrounding Bliss–she’s saturation bombing us.


Maybe the certificate was in the hole where Bliss was originally supposed to be? Or maybe it’s Bliss that’s fake and it’s a fake certificate? Does Camlann come with a certificate? I’ll stop rambling now…


I really like this page :) bliss is sooo nice and shiny. i think im missing out big on the website though. what i mean is there is no way for me to navigate the site. there is a blank space that is marked out. Is that where the menu is supposed to be?


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