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He Couldn’t Steal Cable Either

Ha ha. You gotta’ love that 3ft rule.

Wiglaf should look happier. Mordred doesn’t usually want to do things with him willingly. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I’m Your Boogie Man” by KC & The Sunshine


That orb face is too cute(is it supposed to look like it’s crying? I see tearshines coming from an “eye”).
This is, a very amusing page.


Ha ha, Bliss’s babbling and Mordred’s reaction are great. Mordred’s finally had enough of the curse of the gibberish-laden orb.

Hurrah for neat-o negative numbers! XD


Pfha! Mordred’s face in panel 2 cracks me up for some reason. :D

Ah, Mordred, I admire your decisiveness and efficiency… but I suspect it won’t be that easy. XD


He did the sensible thing to get rid of a annoying character who provides a source of audience amusement by annoying him. Metaplotting suggests that 1) doing the sensible thing in anime and anime-derived works is usually punished severely, and 2) a character that the creative team spent this much effort on is not going to go away completely or perhaps at all.
The real question is if this means Bliss gets a new owner or if somehow she gets returned to Mordred. Also, if Mordred is expecting Bliss’ to bring herself back to him and is only trying to get away from her for however long it takes her.

….Cue references to The Cat Came Back by Cordell Barker.


I think I want to make an avatar or something out of Mordred’s face in the second panel.
My first though was “OMG all those cursed people should have done that.”
“Most mothers are unaware of what little monsters their precious babes will grow into when they bestow a name.”
“…..” *chucks*
…. But this will end badly for Mordred.
ANd now I’m stuck pondering this: There’s the Orb of Bliss, the Sword of Grace… What is Éclat?!


He’s a sword too. There’s a total of three in the ‘set’. Grace, Éclat and an unknown one.


Y’know, I could maybe understand there being two swords in a set because someone trained in Florentine or certain other styles can maybe use two swords at once effectively. But WHY THREE?!? (Or even more?)


Because three’s a nice number?

Besides, considering how different they look-a Rapier and a Broad sword, I doubt they were meant to be used at the same time anyways.


I’m just saying that whoever is responsible for this “set of magic items” has gone around cursing more people to indefinite, insanity-inducing objectification than could be reasonably used by one person at once. That makes them either crazy or brutally vicious (or both).


He has a good point. I think I may use that last line… It fits what I deal with on a daily basis and it just might work.


It’s been a while since Mordred indulged in some evil. Nice to see he still has some sarcastic spine in him.

Yours for the evils,


Poor Wiglaf. Here he is trying to get Mordred to explain what Bliss is talking about and Mordred has to go and dump the poor girl.

As for Mordred, maybe this is why his social life is so limited. :lol2:


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