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He Did Forget

I am always forgetting Wiglaf and Azrael have a huge height difference. Wiglaf is so short. Not as short as Lake or Sedrick, but he’s still pretty short.

I am also super sorry this is late. It’s backdated for the 2nd, but it’s like 40 minutes into the 3rd for me. I get so distracted so easily these days I need to start drawing much earlier than I was before, especially now that I don’t have the drawing stream to help keep me on track. So wish me luck as I continue to save for a new computer.

Also, my fish did pass away on Monday. Rin was a good little boy and I miss him a lot. Spent most of Tuesday cleaning his tank out and getting it ready for another occupant. Haven’t found one yet, but hopefully they can be happy like Rin was. Thank you!

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