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He Did Throw You Out A Window

Lancelot should be thankful Wiglaf has been fairly distracted during this visit. XD

Uh…that’s it. XD I got nothing.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“A Horse With No Name” by America


Man! Driver really does not like Lancelot does she?(=^.^=) On a sidenote, I play D and D and just now realized that Daiim (my character) and Jack (NPC) are quite similar to Driver and Lancelot in the whole on etrying to get the other…though Driver is more violent than Daiim and Jack is more bold and…shall we say ‘touchy-feely’


Lancelot already tried something like that, and got kicked down south by Driver, in her words ” ‘E got fresh with me an’ I kicked ‘em down south.”
I think he might have learned, no touching.


“We can comfort and support him together as a couple!” Somehow, Lancelot, I don’t think Driver considers that proposal to be sweetening the deal. XD


Any way this is gonna to end with Bliss possessing Driver?

then having Bliss getting a boob job done to make her more effeminate. Which would lead to Wiglaf remarking that Driver looks even less like a woman.


Could you imagine Driver acting all bubbly and Bliss-like? O__O

…That would be too fun.


That is just too cruel and twisted. :omg: I love it. :love:

Just don’t forget the wardrobe makeover. Gone would be the gray uniform, hello pastels, frills, pink hair and plunging necklines. Wonder if the possession would include body/cosmetic alterations as a side effect/benefit? Too bad the orb is too big to swallow and do the possession as an inside job. :P


That would be….very very scary. Plus, somehow I don’t think Bliss would be very happy about it. I think more research is going to be required on the orb. To Grace!


This is a random question. Do you think Lance would do like Poison Ivy did in that Batman movie and become part plant?


“I swear, these negative side effects of my (ahem) horticultural engineering efforts mock me, they really do. I was trying to cure cancer and now look at me!”

And cue jokes about Lancelot and hard wood that probably wouldn’t run in canon W&M.


Why is it I suddenly want to see Lancelot’s intestines being used as a jump rope… Like actually see it. It sounds hilarious, if not a tad disgusting at the same time. :D

Poor Lance.. I don’t think he’ll ever get what he wants.


No, no, no… it’d make a horrible mess on the carpet even if they didn’t rupture and spill anything partially-digested inside them.

And it’s a cartoon based off of Japanese standards of cartooning: If anybody got what they wanted it either would turn out to be short lived, actually not what they wanted, or the end of the series.


I never implied it would be a great idea. I just thought the entire idea amusing…

And of course he won’t get what he wants. That’s Lance. He can’t even make what he want’s to make! :D


Though, if it did render the carpet unusable (cuing Mordred to possibly be concerned about his deposit with Springland Apartments–unless he really IS too darned apathetic), it would give Mordred a chance to follow in his father’s footprints re: the punishment of rambunctious lackeys.

Also, Lance has been with Driver for a bit, now. I doubt she’d encourage him by feeding him something. And Wiglaf definitely did not share the screaming corn. There might only be bile left in Lance’s intestines, if Mordred was too unconcerned to lay out snacks.


You forget the pron. If this comic became an audience created comic… then there would everything would be slashed.

I would bet there would be an entire strip devoted to chair and footstool pron.


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