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He Didn’t Deny It…

Mordred isn’t cruel; he’s practical.

In other new, you have no idea how close Wiglaf came to calling her “Baby Doll” despite it being hidiously out of character. I need to write someone in that can call women “Doll” *swoon* I don’t care what anyone says; I love the pet name “Doll.”


If he did, Mike, he’d come away with a very sticky hand– there’s still a lollipop in that one. XD “Lollipop, lollipop, ooh, lolly-lolly-lolly.”

Wiglaf’s right, Driver does have issues! Especially when she can turn the background as red as her uniform. >_< I’m on the verge of requesting another flashback to see what happened prom night (when of course Driver had to drive the limo because Mordred is a cad like that), but that would really mess with the momentum building here.


Driver’s mood changes in the blink of an eye. ^_^ She seems to be developing an erratic acute paranoia, imagining that Wiglaf wants to take away everything she has. Maybe Driver should unburden herself on a psychiatrist’s couch….and Security could play the role of the psychiatrist! XD


Lol, Driver needs to chill, I don’t think Wiglaf needs her job. XD But she’s getting very paranoid, like Blackford said, she thinks that Wigalf is trying to take everything she has from her.

And like KGJ said, I’d like to see that flashback, but you got some momentum building, sooooo….. yay.


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