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He Does What They Say

Today’s joke was brought to you by my Dad. XD

Hmm. Oh! I actually have site news today. The Fanfiction section has been revamped! So now you can actually comment on the writings if you so choose – just like on the fanart and gallery pages (hint hint)!

Check it out~

Also. Pair-A-Thon starts accepting entries on the 1st! Yay!!! And as always…official rules and information will also be posted on the first. But a good number of you already know the drill – and this year? I’m accepting writing entries as well. XD Hurrah!

Song Listening Recommendation:
“The Grid” from Tron: Legacy Soundtrack.

Tron: Legacy released in theatres today at Midnight. XD Same time WaM went up. Hurrah!


XDDDDD oh Security, that was totally cruel, making everyone think something bad was coming. I laughed so hard when I noticed what he was doing.


This is funny, congratulations on successfully messing with your readers’ heads Liliy! Keep working on it and you’ll be up to Randal K. Milholland standard in no time. Then you can shoot for Michael Buonauro level.


You really had be worried there!

So, is that sculpture stolen art too?

Damn Azrael came out nonthreateningly cute. He’s going to be like a surprise party in a fight.


Definitely burst out laughing there..

It was funny because I forgot about it until I saw what he was doing, and it all came back.

But really, what on earth is he trying to be?
The book told him to cut his hair, but what about that getup?
Interesting interview clothes…


Hahaha… Security :D He’s so cute when he’s creeping people out.

As for Azzie, that explains the hair, and the fresh get-up… Kind of. Still wonder where he’s going with that outfit though.


Just look at the outfit, is there anybody except a J-RPG protagonist that dresses worse?


Hippies from the 70′s?


….I have to give that one to you, and I guess I’d also have to accept grunge-punk kids as a valid answer.
But, well, I don’t think I’m out of line in suggesting his wardrobe suggests a lot about his newly chosen profession. He sure isn’t dressed as a Wal-Mart greeter.


Wonderful, so now we have the book of wisdom, the sword of grace, and the orb of bliss?

What next?

And oh you security! XD :$


I want one of those statues that Security is playing with…


And I meant to add that I used to have hair about like Azzie’s (pony tail halfway down my back). I ended up cutting it all off for about the same reasons – trying to find a job (and it was just so long that it was taking way too long to take care of it). Right now it’s about the same as his new style. (Yes, I’m a guy.)

After I got it cut off, the reactions varied between “Who are you?” and “WTF happened???” as many people I know had never seen me without long hair.

And let’s hope he has better luck on the job front than I have.


I’m female and when I graduated college and started looking for a “real” job, my hair was passtmy knees. No job luck.

But I lopped it to my shoulders and got three job offers with in the week. Had a party to celebrate the cutting of the hair.

:P Now it’s past my knees again. :P


The revelation of Security being the one behind those bony shadows is just too hilarious. It’s perfect. *laughing hard*

Brynhildr’s line in the last panel also gets me laughing.


XD OF COURSE!!! how could we have forgotten the Security factor!!! that’s like, an entire explaination all on its own!! Security, you silly boy~!

…Oh Azzie, you are just so cute~! Our hair is the same length~!

I really love the last panel, with all the oblivious swirlys around Azzie and the irritated lightning bolts around Brynhildr!!


You know, I didn’t think I would like Azrael’s new hairstyle. Now, I can’t imagine going back. I love his new look!

By the way, Security is the greatest. ’nuff said.


As funny as it is, I’m kind of disappointed that the shadow was just Security with a flashlight and a little statue… I don’t know, I was hoping that it would be some big plot-changing revelation thing. Oh well.

Anyway, good luck, Azrael~ Try not to stab your interviewers.


I was hoping that the revelation was that the three sisters were Norns or some such in reality. Now that would have been epic in its own way. They are all withes I tell ya. Yeah they are but they are cute witches… etc etc etc…


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