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He Doesn’t Think Highly of Himself

*yawn*  Poor Driver. She finally gets to be affectionate and her position as an employee gets called into question. *looks both ways* Mwa ha ha ha ha.

I’m so mean to them. Speaking of being mean to my cast-  if you missed it, I did manage to get something up for Christmas. XD

Oh! And Before I forget – Sunday’s comic may or may not make it. I’m going out of town this weekend and I’m not sure what my schedule will be. So if nothing shows up, I’m apologizing in advance. Sorry!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Sexbomb” by Black Ingvars (Cover of Song by Tom Jones)


Very nice. Madam Garrott’s dress is great, and I love everything about Driver in panel three. XD

Wiglaf looks so stupid in the last panel, though; it suits him. XD


I don’t think I’m entirely getting the joke here. ^^; Of course, I’ve had a busy week too… who hasn’t? Why exactly is Wiglaf always so busy?


’cause it’s Christmas, of course!

Seriously though; it’s because he has to clean up after all the other not-so-bright “hero’s.” Or just take care of things himself ’cause they’re not capable enough. XD


^^; Right, that actually makes sense.

And working retail at Christmas time SUCKS big time. Makes for tired comic readers. *nod*


I love Driver leaping to one side when Madame Garrott catches her. :lol2: She has that desperate look of a kid with her hand caught in the cookie jar.

I like the variety of expressions you gave Wiglaf for each panel. Poor guy–it must be annoying having to take up the slack for all the less capable heroes. Mordred looks quite cool with his ever-knowing grin.


:lol: Poor Driver.

And Wiglaf looks so out of it in the last panel, he’s got one of those tard grins on his face :lol2: (not meant to be offence to people with mental disabilities, it’s just what it looks like).


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