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He Draws The Line There

I’m sure they have this same conversation like once a week.

Sedrick always wants an excuse for bloodshed.

And Arthur questions his life choices again. Lol.

Edit: Today’s WaM (Wednesday) is sketched but my brain is too tired to think of dialogue for it. Lol. So I’m just gonna’ think about that tomorrow and get it up on Friday. *ready to pass out at 7:00 p.m.* I’ll see you then!


Sedrick is way too happy about the chance to kill people.
Also, EEEEE can’t wait to figure out the havoc they will wreck!
I’m starting to really like Arthur, he’s a nice-bad-guy sort of person.
Chanting “Cause. Evil. Cause. Evil.” In my head (:


Wiglaf would likely drag Mordred along with him, and thus actively committing murder would mean that Mordred may have to see freshly dead corpses. Arthur would NEVER allow that to purposefully happen.

If they just demolish a few buildings, regardless of whether or not people are inside, that might be acceptable, though. Maybe invade a royal treasury, steal the treasure, and demolish it on the way out? That should be fine, right? The only people injured there would already be buried in the rubble, and most who remain at that time would be security guards who were trying to stop Arthur anyway, so he may not care at that point.


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