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He Got Bored

Ha ha…Horatio’s starting to remind me of a kicked puppy.

Which could be good or bad depending how you look at it I guess.

Either way, this Volume is…slowly wrapping up. I still have to catch up to some loose ends and then…next volume!

Pair-A-Thon is still going on! Only a couple more weeks peeps!

And Treasure Island is great. Or it must because it occurred to me the other day that I own two hard copies of the book, one copy on my Kindle, I have Muppet Treasure Island on VHS and Treasure Planet on DVD. And despite having seen it so many times, I still tear up when Silver leaves Jim at the end no matter what version I’m watching. *sniff*

Ah the randomness that makes it to this blog when I post at 2 in the morning…heh.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Beautiful Disaster” by Jon Mclaughlin


Oops. I wonder if that’s any sort of heroic rules violation… *Gets out “Hostage Rescue and Recovery, 10th ed.”* Oh. No. It says right here that “tough spouse” actually trumps “super hero” in retrieval operations. Horatio probably counts as a retrieval operation by now.

Interesting choice with the flat background, Liliy, and you’ve got the “frustrated marriage counselor” look down pat for Geoffry.


Semi-Glare, at least it was in color.

when did Wiglaf make it to super hero status. I thought he was just a hero, with enhanced strength.


Poor Horatio…

Huzzah for Treasure Island! Yoho! I love Treasure Planet and Muppet Treasure Island too. (Own the first and can’t find a copy of the second :*( ) Muppet Treasure Island is probably my favorite of the two since it has His Most Royal Awesomeness Tim Curry in it. :love:
Heh. Treasure Island pin-up in the future?


Probably not. XD I’d never be able to stop at just a pin-up. I’d want to do an entire comic parody or something.

I just know Hnæf would probably end up being Jim. XD


Aw, but it would be fun!

Driver would be a hilarious Ben Gun. She might even give Miss Piggy a run for her money. But then if you did that you’d have to make Lancelot Long John Silver because no one else inspires the proper amount of terror into her. :omg:


I like Geoffry’s comment about not being able to decide whether he finds Horatio’s efforts flattering or hilarious. XD Horatio will now have to find something else to occupy his time.

Glad you’re enjoying Treasure Island, Liliy! :D Here’s another film version I think you’d definitely enjoy, if you haven’t seen it already:


I can’t say I’m not laughing at horatio’s pain right now…

Simply, his pain is much too funny NOT to laugh at! :lol2:


I just know Wiglaf and Mordred are off getting into trouble…..
Or having a tea party. :happy:

On another note, my friends and I have ALL been severely addicted to Hetalia, thanks to you. ;]


Oh, no! I just realized that while Geoffry said that Janus fell in love with him, and that Safir was the best thing in his life, he hasn’t said that he loves Janus… and it’s been long enough that I don’t remember if he says it in the future!


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