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He Hid in the Closet

Hugs to anyone who saw this coming.

I spent all of Saturday away from my computer save for the few hours I spent drawing this. It was kinda’ nice being away from the computer all day. XD I felt accomplished. Helped set up & man a yard sale all morning. Dropped stuff off with errands right after. Read on my back porch with my cat for two hours…it was nice.

Anyway. That and I stuck an awesome vinyl sticker on my car.

…I watched Finding Nemo again. XD

Thanks for reading! Oh! And True-Magic‘s doing a small donation/Sparkle drive this weekend. Every $100 gets us an extra strip!! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Why Don’t You Do Right?” Jessica Rabbit (of Who Framed Roger Rabbit)


…Dude, literally two days ago I was telling one of my friends about the mad scientist/botanist in WAM that appeared for one arc and then disappeared out of the story.

Anyway, yay, the return of Lancelot!


What makes him think he’d find safety at Mordreds? Last time he was there he was thrown out a window! (Or maybe it was the door… the point is he was thrown into a tree. XD)
Anyways: yay! Lance is back!


I wonder what would scare Lance enough to hide out in Mordred’s place, Maybe it’s a fangirl or fanboy (It’s possible) or plant-eating monster…………..I say it’s a fangirl


Ha ha, I wonder if one of Lancelot’s botanical experiments has gotten out of control. I like how Lance is a blur in the last panel when he runs. XD Driver and Wiglaf are not going to take Lance’s intrusion well. Lancelot will have to stay on alert if he doesn’t want to get thrown out again.


A Lancelot-colored streak, huh? Let’s explore the possibilities:

1. Arthur Jr. is after Lance, so he showed up at Springland Apartments to throw Mordred to the beast.
2. Arthur Jr. or Janus is after Lance, so he showed up at SA to place himself under Wiglaf’s protection.
3. Alistair is after Lance for doing something to his darling little girl, so Lance wants the aegis of Driver’s near-apathy.
4. Grendel is after Lance.

(Favorite Bit: The one thing Wiglaf and Driver can unfailingly agree on.)


You’re vastly underestimating the amount of trouble an *ahem* inspired biological engineer could get themself into without involving anybody or anything we’ve ever seen before. C’mon, he makes black roses, he’s a neophile.


Dude, I REQUESTED the infamous pin-up. XD

The thing is, being a biological engineer, he knows exactly how to handle what he creates. It comes with the risk assessment and efficiency calculation territory.


Uhm, you really think that mad science R&D isn’t risky?

And sorry for linking your art request before you did, I didn’t know there was rules against that. :happy:


Lancelot eyes you suspiciously. “I’m not a mad scientist,” he points out.

There aren’t any rules against linking regarding who requested. :P But Liliy has since told me that Lance knows how to take care of himself around his plants. Hence, no inclusion in my list of possibilities. And since you labeled him an engineer, you gave me the perfect opening to rationalize her assertion. :lol:


If it turns out that Lance is running from something he made, I will happily acknowledge your superior attenuation for TAWM/WAM.


Oh, well, to be honest I don’t know either, but if someone were to ask me the top three things a mad scientist is likely to be running from in fear:
1) Experimental problems
2) Funding & human resources misunderstandings
3) Enemies


Clarification: I think he’s not running from the Garrott family because he’s still alive.


Ah! Funding problems! Now that’s a good one. Corporate, academic, or governmental, he could easily be in massive trouble there (and who would suspect he’d hide out with his widely proclaimed high school nemesis?), and it would give him a definite background.

I like that one, ACe!

Along the lines of enemies, how’s this one: Margaret T. has finally figured out who defaced the Concert Hall, after she was forced to shell out for massive amounts of herbicide and refurbishment, given that the vine infestation coincided with her contractor’s performance.


Indeed, Wiglaf and Driver together could be an intimidatingly potent anti-Lancelot force. XD All the more reason for Lancelot to be wary. In fact, Driver and Wiglaf already seem like a two-member “Get Rid of Lance” Club. Their dialogue in the last panel makes me picture Wiglaf in the clubhouse delivering his motion to eject Lancelot, and Driver jumps out of her chair to stridently shout, “Second the motion!!” XD


Liliy, you do know that the RSS is still stuck on “He’s Too Used to That”…. right?

And it’s been more than 24 hours.


Shouldn’t it have updated by now?


Are you sure? My RSS feed is listing Sunday’s strip just fine…(I mean, it was late, but its’ there now. XD)


Sonuva cracker. All I had to do was reload the Firefox live bookmark.

Wow. -_-’

What’s funny is that I don’t have to do that for ANY of the other comics I read…


Hmm, anybody else up for meta-conversation?

*obvious joke about one of Liliy’s male cast members being in the closet*


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