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He Hopes Arthur Is Late

Happy Early Halloween everyone!

Uh…way behind on stuff. NaNoWriMo is almost here and I’m going crazy.

End of post thingie…

Story merging events! Yay! XD

“Because the Night!” Again! XD


Oh no, NaNo. O-O We’re in this together, WE CAN DO THIS.

And you just keep cranking out the cliffhangers. I’ll never be able to stop reading this comic. *sucked in forever*


But didn’t Arthur… not actually leave the Garrott grounds?

Does this mean that Sedrick is losing it?


Since Sedrick does not have Hnaef and/or Mimir, he doesn’t “Know All” like he did. He’s probably assuming that whomever saved Arthur, left the grounds with him.

I’m not sure he gives Arthur enough credit to have the balls or idea to not leave the grounds and come try to beat him down.


Ok, we know that actually hurting Mordred would incur the wrath of Arthur Sr.(and most assuredly Arthur Jr. No one touches his baby brother) since Mordred doesn’t fall into the ‘Super Villain, can take care of himself’ thing that Arthur Jr. and Janus do, but what about death threats? I mean, it’s clear that Sedrick is pretty damn serious?
Would Mr. G act or wait till Mordred got hurt?


November’s gonna be hectic. *taking part in it as well*

Either way, Wiglaf will protect his Mordred from the evil Sedrick! Oh and his town too probably. But most definitely Mordred!


Nanowrimo… oh god… that’s tomorrow… O.O… I’m so behind…

Also! X3 aww… poor sedrick may have miscalculated slightly. Does he know that Wiglaf’s family is… erm… all as insane as Wiglaf? and we (I?) think there might or might not be super powers involved on the part of one or more parent.


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