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He Is A REALLY Good Listener

Ha ha.

Mordred listens to everything. He’s got a great memory doesn’t he? It’s how he holds grudges. He won’t let you forget anything. Ever.

Oh Bliss. XD

Um. Yeah.

More importantly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CREED!!! :D (My ex roomie, not the band. XD)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Through Heaven’s Eyes” from Prince of Egypt Soundtrack


Well… That settles that.

And we now know that the set of magical gear makes one a walking jewelry store when altogether at once.

I mean… eight rings? Talk about overkill :P


should be ten! then you can weae them on your thumbs too! Or maybe you just use the rings as brass knuckles when things go bad and the swords are no help…


At least 8 rings = 8 fingers plus possibly earrings, a nose ring, toes?, belly button? .. others piercing? … lest not go there for now shall we?
As for being able to use three swords, that would prove problematic unless at least one is a dancer, ie can move on its own. [ I don't even want to guess what other uses there would be]


I forget…What to you call it when you can remember everything you hear?

Also…Three swords and eight rings? Are there any other orb or is Bliss unique in her set?


It’s called hyperthymesia-


I thought Eidetic Memory would be a better fit as it is a more commonly used definition.
Also hyperthymesia also has … the person spends an abnormally large amount of time thinking about his or her personal past … which would make our friend Pinky a decidedly very different person compared to the normal obnoxious introvert that we love.


Eidetic memory- Able to recall images or sounds with extreme precision. Spencer Reed from ‘Criminal Minds’ has an eidetic memory, if he reads it once he can say it back to you verbatim and remember where he read it.

Hyperthymesia-recall events that they have personally experienced. A hyperthymestic person can be asked a date, and describe the events that occurred that day, what the weather was like, and many seemingly trivial details that most people would not be able to recall.
It has NOTHING to do with reflecting on their past, they simply, remember everything.
The main character in the new show ‘Unforgettable’ has hyperthymesia.


Actually that is part one of the two part clinical definition of the term. I just added the second half of the definition.

Unfortunately a TV definition is not worth the paper its written on. A vast majority of writers use technical terms they have no clue as to their meaning. They take liberties with various details when it comes to medicine, engineering and science “for the story”.
They call it creativity but I call it what it is “having a lazy brain”.
[ GWB Syndrome. ]


I really have to wonder how Mordred can remember all of that without letting it get to him. Years of practice maybe?


I get a hunch Mordred will want to be wearing those rings. XD


I think it depends on the rings.
He despises the Pink hair and flashy earrings or “just so cute” finger jewelry may just put him off.
Oh – that makes me wonder what the personality types will be for the others in the set … :)


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