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He Knew That

Ha ha. Wiglaf wasn’t kidding.

Don’t mess with ‘em. :sly:

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Dispara” by Gonzalo YaƱez (I love this song)


I can say it! Liliy, you ROCK!

Lance has been….DEFENESTRATED! So awesome.


Waitasecond, I just noticed the hinges. Was that a window or a door?

….gonna be upset if it was the door. I finally got to use my favorite word. :(


Looks like the door to a small balcony. But if the doors do not go all the way to the floor it would still count as a window.


Squee! I love that work. It makes me sad that it’s really hard to work that word into day to day conversation.


Oh noes! Did Mordred get his seeds yet?


I’m betting he hasn’t yet and that’s part of the ‘oh noes’ thing he’s doing. (In which he looks elegant and amazing, btw. XD I like Mordred, can you tell?)
And Lance, haven’t you learned to grab ahold of the person carrying you towards a window and to cling for dear life?


Mewhahahaha! It’s been a conspiracy all along!

And on a side note, and I have no clue why, your hair amuses me to no end. :lol:

See, like Wiglaf has swooshy hair. It swooshes in it’s pristine perfectness, then it goes back.

And Mordreds, his is all flippy, reminds me of a cat toy for some reason in the last panel.

And Lance’s, is FWOOM! MOOSE! He really needs to tell me how he does it. :curious:
I mean, even when he’s flying out the window, it stays! Mucho money if he could sell it and it was his serum.

Heh heh, sorry about that. I’m just weird.

Oh! And I love how Wiglaf has this delightfully bland face until the last two panels and the first one. Like he’s doing a job that he doesn’t dislike, but doesn’t like either. :happy:


XD Poor Lancelot. ^_^ Luckily it was only the second floor.

Wiglaf sure is playing rough today. He looks funny as he determinedly drags Lancelot away. XD



No. No, I’m not going to assume anything. Lancelot had to have been doing something. Spying. Thievery? Lancelot must have been spying on Mordred’s latest plans, or planting bugs, or something. Maybe he was stealing little candies from the dish on the sofa end table. Or the air in the apartment. Wait! No! I know: he was trespassing and being generally discourteous.

Perfect 10 on the dispatch, Wiglaf. And wonderful panels three, four, and five, Liliy.


Probably hurt a fair bit less than what Driver had for Lancelot. -evil grin- Regardless, Lancelot had it all coming to him. What kind of IDIOT barges into that house anyway? Between Driver, Wiglaf, Security, and Mordred’s creepy siblings, it’s simply not a safe place to be. Unless your Mordred, of course. He has everyone watching his back .. and .. other parts. :lol2:


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